"Patient Care Levels"

About: Princess Alexandra Hospital

(as a relative),

Four people in the room are sharing a bathroom.  Three of these people have walkers.  Bottles of patient urine are sitting on the floor of the bathroom with no apparent cleaning or caps to seal them.  These bottles often get caught by the wheels on the walkers.  This leads to urine all over the floor in the bathroom and consequently the walker wheels and patient socks (which are not getting changed).  My mother-in-law has had her surgery delayed a number of days for reasons that are not being made clear to her or her family.  She has had a cannula in her arm for 3 days and this has not been removed even after it was realised that surgery cannot go ahead immediately.  My wife is cleaning rubbish up in the room and having to wash the socks covered in urine at our house because this does not appear to be getting done at the hospital.

Then my wife overheard friends of another patient considering pulling them out of this hospital due to apparent treatment in the same ward.  They were even heard considering putting spy cameras in to record some of the things that are occurring!  Obviously, that is not an appropriate action.  However, that the hospital has allowed things to get to the point where people are this unhappy is a major concern.

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