"A recent hospital stay"

About: Royal Prince Alfred Hospital

(as the patient),

I arrived at the Royal Prince Alfred (RPA) Emergency Department (ED) recently in the morning. After an assessment I was moved to the 24-hour ED Short Stay Ward.

Over the next few days, I was assessed by a physio and a rheumatologist and blood tests were done. I asked about moving to a ward but there was nothing available on their ward to move me to. During this period, I remained on an ED trolley bed.

Two days later, I had another rheumatologist assess me and order X-Ray and MRI to be completed that day. Later that day, another doctor who was with the rheumatologist, comes in with forms to be completed for the MRI. The doctor advised that the MRI may happen Friday, as there is a back log of requests.

Three days later, I still had no further information as to when I will be moved to a ward.

I had my MRI with the paperwork checked by the attendant in the MRI Reception before returning to the ED Short Stay Ward. The physio arrived that day and brought me a frame, took me for a walk and gave me some exercises to do while I was in bed. I advised I was not too sure about standing, the physio advised they will go through a few more exercises, steps and standing in a shower the next day.

That evening I was moved to a ward where I had my first sleep in a real bed, with a thick mattress.

The next morning, the rheumatologist called past to advise the outcome of the MRI, there is a disc bulge, and X-rays, no need for surgery or injection. Then the physio called in to take me for a walk and work on walking up and down stairs with a crutch and not the frame.

The next day I was moved from the Private Room to Shared Ward, as there was an infectious patient that needed to be isolated.

That night, I had chest pain and had a heavy feeling on my chest. ECG was done, bloods were taken and an X-ray was taken in bed. Early the next morning, another ECG was done and new bloods were taken. Later that morning, the rheumatologist advised that while the back pain is ok and I would be able to go home, with the heart issues it is not advisable.

The cardiologist then came by, asked me questions and advised they have seen the ECG results and the blood results and advised that it is not my heart that is making the chest pains. The cardiologist advised that they will be booking me in for a Stress Test on the treadmill. I said thank you and settle down for the rest of the night.

That evening, I felt another heavy pressing on my heart again. Another ECG and round of blood tests was done and again the results come back saying it was not my heart.

The following morning, a doctor came calling in regards the heart issue and asked me the same questions as the previous Cardiologist and says they will book a Stress Test. I advised that I thought this has been booked already from the day before and the doctor said they will check. At the end of the consult, a staff member advised that the Stress Test had been booked for later that morning.

However, I was later advised by the nurse on the ward that my booking was not going ahead because the doctor had double booked the space and I was going to have mine that afternoon. However, I then found out that this appointment was not happening after all because there was a mix-up, people were not speaking to each other and the proper paperwork was not completed so it may be the next morning for the Stress Test.

That evening I get a call from doctor to apologise for the confusion and the mix up with the Stress Test and that the next appointment is not for three days. I said unless they can do it the next morning, I want out! I asked if I was able to discharge myself from the hospital, the doctor said yes, so I bluntly advised to complete discharge papers and I was getting out of there, as I feel there is really no care factor or attention to detail.