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About: GPs in the Fremantle Electoral District

I have chronic mental issues, including depression and anxiety. Recently, I attempted to take my own life. It was a severe and serious attempt. 

In the weeks prior to my suicide attempt, I made my GP aware of my depression and my thoughts. I told them I was having suicidal thoughts almost every night for months. They told me, if you're not actively suicidal right now, it doesn't matter. And then two weeks later I was fighting for my life in Emergency Department (ED). After trying to reach out and get help, only to be brushed off time and time again by my GP, I gave up. 

I spent a few weeks in hospital, both in ED and in a youth psychiatric ward. 

A week after being discharged from hospital, I foolishly went back to this same GP to ask them for a medical certificate for Centrelink, so I could continue receiving Youth Allowance while getting back on my feet and trying to return to university. Not only did this GP refuse to give me a medical certificate, because in their opinion I was fit for work, I feel they belittled my plans to study at university and said, maybe you wouldn't have tried to kill yourself if you had a job. This appointment with them worsened my depression and made me feel worthless. My mood plummeted and I felt panicked and hopeless. Without a medical certificate, I would've been cut off by Centrelink and left with no way to support myself. 

Thankfully, my treating psychiatrist was able to provide the certificate instead. But still, I think that GP's conduct throughout the entirety of my treatment was callous, negligent and arrogant, and I won't rule out taking legal action against them in the future. 

Fortunately, I'm now in a much better place mentally. I'm studying my dream university course and loving it, making new friends and continually building up my self-worth and confidence. I hope other vulnerable people never have to face that kind of cruelty in the medical system. And for those who do, I want you to know that you're worthy, your mental illness is real and valid, you're not a 'dole bludger' and you deserve to recover and follow your dreams despite what ignorant people say!

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