"Treatment at the ED"

About: Royal Melbourne Hospital - Royal Park

(as the patient),

Went to ED a few times after hitting my head and feeling progressively worse, dizzy and with severe pain like I was going to blackout.

I was following instructions from a concussion sheet they gave me. I have claustrophobia so was having a bit of anxiety to get CT scan done but this wasn't meant to waste their time.

I genuinely did need to go back as I kept feeling super unwell. The latest time, this staff member, who I felt was intimidating, sits me down and asks if I have a job. I said yes. They said, really you have a job? I was like yes. I felt they were so rude and judgemental.

Then I said I was applying for WorkCover with my job because I hit my head at work. This staff member instantly launched into what I felt was a big unnecessary speech how I shouldn't be on Work Cover and how it's concerning them and if anyone asks them, they will tell them I shouldn't get it. I was here to seek medical treatment and feel I had to sit there being forced to listen to this. Then this staff member says it's because they think none of my pain or symptoms are related to me hitting my head despite the fact they all only started after I hit my head. The staff member says they think all my symptoms are anxiety-related.

I have been diagnosed already with a concussion by another hospital. I have all the symptoms of a concussion from a head injury. But apparently, it's just some undiagnosed mental disorders.

The staff member then says it's been 3 weeks, I should be better. I said to them it's been just over two weeks and I was told it could take a few weeks. I decide to leave as I don't feel safe being treated by this person and that what they might say will ruin any chance of Work Cover I have.

They made some belittling, in my opinion, comment on how I need the real issue treated, not my head. I said I found them very sexist and belittling as I turn to leave. I feel I was commenting and not being aggressive at all. They said I was being abusive and they were going to have to ask me to leave.

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