"Poor doctor behaviour"

About: GPs in the Griffith Electoral District

(as a service user),

Recently my adolescent child attended this centre because they were asked by their work to obtain a clearance once released from self-isolation after coming into contact with a COVID-19 case. They had no symptoms and was provided paperwork from the Metro South Health that they were released from isolation, however, their work advised they needed to be tested and they required a clearance.

After confusing conversations with several medical services that, in my opinion, did not know how to address this situation, my child was told over the phone by one of the doctors at this practice, that they would need to attend the centre, so they did.

My child sat in the waiting area and I believe was abruptly approached by a different Doctor (not the one who told them to attend the centre). The Doctor called them, they stood up, only to have the doctor rudely yell at them to stay where they were. My child did not understand the issue, the doctor proceeded to inform my child that they've read their file and would not be seeing them and to leave the centre immediately.

Confused, my child tried to explain their request, to which I believe the Doctor repeatedly spoke over them, telling my child they couldn’t help and had to leave. My child asked the doctor if they could listen, to which their response was, what? My child told the doctor their situation and they continued to tell my child to leave.

I believe the receptionist at this point interjected and spoke to my child in an abrasive tone, it seems they were implying that my child was lying or didn’t know what they were talking about and asked the Doctor if they could write a pathology request to be tested. I believe the doctor said they could do this but my child would then need to leave. The doctor brought out the paperwork and did not want to go near my child, in my opinion, speaking to them like an animal and treating them like they had done something wrong.

My child requested this doctor's name to which they did not respond. I believe my child asked 3 times for the doctor's name, to which they responded: why, so you can make a complaint? And my child said yes. I believe the doctor then told my child to get out and do it.

Humiliated and emotional, my child left the centre absolutely distraught! This is not the first encounter we have had at this centre. In my opinion, they have shown extreme levels of unprofessionalism and this is just one example. I would like to make an official complaint and seek guidance on how to do this.