Uploading new subscription members

You can add new members to your subscription one at a time, or if you prefer you can add a whole list of members in one go.

To add a list of new members, you'll need to prepare and upload an Excel file containing the required information.

Follow these steps:

1: Prepare your Excel file of new members

You should create the list of members on the first worksheet (only) of your Excel file.

The first row of the sheet must contain the column headings. Each row below that must contain a member to be added.

If you accidently list a member twice, only the first will be added. If you list a member already in the subscription, they will be ignored.

Required columns

You must have at least the following three column headings in your sheet:

  • FirstName
  • LastName
  • Email

Optional columns

You can also add the following columns. You can provide this information for some members but not others, if you like:

  • JobTitle
  • Department
  • Organisation
  • Phone

Role column

If you include a Role column, you can specify the role of a new member. Valid roles are Administrator, Responder, Subscriber.

If you don't explicitly give a role, we will add the member in the Subscriber role.

Here is a simple template to get you started - remember, only the first three columns are required. The others are optional. You can delete any columns you don't intend to use.

2: Upload the Excel file

Once you are happy with your Excel list of members, go to the Member Upload page.

Click [Browse] to select your Excel file, then [Upload] to upload the list to Care Opinion.

After you upload the list, you have a chance to check for any errors before you add the new members.

3: Add the new members to your subscription

If you are happy with the uploaded list, click [Add] to add the new members. Each new member will be added to the subscription, and sent an email with login details.

If you are not happy with the list you uploaded, just delete it, without adding any members, and start again.

Optional: Specify email alerts in your Excel file

You can add email alerts for each member one-by-one, after the members are created.

Or to save time, if you know in advance the email alert required for each member, you can specify what you want in your Excel file.

Add this column to your member list:

  • AddAlert

In that column, enter X for any member you want to have an alert.

If you want the alert to cover "all stories in the subscription", that's all you need to do.

If you want the alert to cover only specific services, tags, areas or treatment functions, add one or more of the following columns:


To have the alert cover a specific service, enter the service identifier (nacs code) in this column.

For example, here is the page for Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital:


To add an alert for a member covering just this service, enter the code hos_rbawh_4029 in this column.

Your alert can cover multiple services if you like: add further service codes, separated by a comma.


To add an alert for a specific treatment function (specialty), first use the advanced search options to search by the treatment function you want. For example, here is the search for accident & emergency services:


So to add an alert covering stories about accident & emergency, you would enter the code 180 in this column.

Again, you can have multiple treatment function codes, separated by commas.


To add an alert for a specific tag, just enter the tag name in this column, like "nursing" or "food".

If you like, add multiple tags separated by commas.


To add an alert for a specific geographical area, first search for the area on the site, so you know the code.

For example, here is the page for stories from Queensland:


So to add an alert for stories from Queensland, enter QLD in this column. Separate multiple codes with commas.

Here is a template Excel file including columns for alerts. You can delete any columns you don't intend to use.

When you upload your file, we will show you the alert you specified for each member. If the alert looks wrong, you can delete the uploaded list, edit your Excel file, and upload it again.