Roles for subscription members

Each member of a Care Opinion subscription must have one of three possible roles. These are administrator, responder and subscriber.

This means that you can have lots of members, with each member having a role which depends on their involvement with Care Opinion.

When adding a new member you are asked to define their role. In short, administrators are the only ones who can add/remove members. Administrators and responders can post replies to stories on the site and subscribers can have email alerts and generate reports (like the other roles) but cannot respond to stories.


A subscriber can:

  • Browse, search and view stories
  • Manage their email alerts
  • View and export reports

A responder can do everything a subscriber can do, plus:

  • Respond to stories
  • Show if changes have been made

An administrator can do everything a responder can do, plus:

  • Add or remove members
  • Change the role of members

Note that at this time, Care Opinion is only supporting read only subscriptions. There will not be any responders or administrators within subscriptions.