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Where do I start?

I was being discharged late afternoon recently from Royal Perth Hospital (RPH) and you did it to me again, every time I’m in the hospital something gets screwed up.

The operation I had went well and the doctors were great. Pain management was not, I was on the two top-shelf pain killers and I told them it was not working but they didn’t seem to listen, so I just put up with it.

The other thing is I had an appointment to see Cardiology, I was wheelchaired there from the ward only to be told Cardiology would come to see me, so I waited around till 6.30 pm only to be told they weren’t coming. Here’s the kicker, the Cardiology staff told the ward staff at around 2.30 pm they wouldn’t be coming and I didn’t get that message till 6.30 pm, 4 hours later.

I could’ve been home, so I had to pay for another nights accommodation and not only could I not get a taxi voucher (apparently you don’t get one after 5.00 pm), I was discharged without any pain medication, hence I ended up back in the Emergency Department at another hospital. Let’s just say that was a waste of time because they were just too busy, so spent the night without any medication.

I went back to RPH the following day to get my meds and have a chat to Cardiology about the day before. That’s when I found out they had told the ward staff earlier that they weren’t coming. So I think a few really need to be addressed so it doesn’t happen again.

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