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About: Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital

Very upset! The specialists' attention to patients was very minimal. 

On two occasions as an outpatient, I was instructed by the specialist to return to the Emergency Department (ED) for readmission because my health had become a concern. When I arrived I was told by another specialist to return the next week on my scheduled appointment. 

Constantly being told my medication wasn’t causing any side effects when it clearly was! Having a different doctor each time that failed to review my file correctly each time upon returning.

I was meant to receive regular phone call updates about my blood results, I didn’t receive any! I had to constantly keep harassing the poor administration workers to chase it up! 

Constantly forgot to send my documentation and appointment follow-ups via email, every single time I had to call admin 5 times a day just to get it! 

I feel that the student doctors paid much more attention to detail and their patients, in my opinion, the fully qualified specialists were useless!

Unfortunately, there are not many options in Perth.

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