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Not happy!

I believe the Aboriginality heading next to the date of birth and sex information headings should be removed from the Bulk Assignment Request Form. I find this discriminatory. What is this used for? If I was Asian, African or European would the comments in this section be the same?

This should be replaced by a box to be ticked: Are you Indigenous, of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander origin. Some people who do have distant Aboriginal ancestry may not want it to be known or recorded.

As an Indigenous Australian, I affiliate myself as Aboriginal but do not want it to be recorded as such. I have more European genetic makeup than Aboriginal in my family. 

I request that the comments (Neither Aboriginal nor Torres Strait Islander) under the heading Aboriginal on the PathWest Form be removed and replaced with Indigenous Australian. 

Also, my address on the form is incorrect. My home phone number is also incorrect. I do not have one.

What use are forms like this and other medical records if they contain the wrong information. 

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