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"Overall I am extremely unimpressed with the doctors at Wyoming Public Hospital"

About: Wyong Public Hospital

(as the patient),

I presented to Wyong public hospital. I had been thrown from a horse and was suffering from severe hip and leg pain. Visual disturbances. I was placed in a wheelchair and asked the usual admission questions. When asked my name I could not answer and I did not know my address. I was able to present my license which had the information listed. I knew where I was and why but in my opinion was suffering an obvious concussion.

I was assessed by the doctor who I advised I had a sore hip, sore neck and sore wrist. There was skin of my hands shoulder and knee. My knee being the worst with actual cuts along with the grazes. I was given oral pain medication and taken for an x-ray or my hip only. I waited in bed for the results. I had on several occasions told the nurses my hand really hurt. Pointing to the area where the thumb meets the wrist. When the doctor finally came to check me he felt over the grazes with his fingers and palpated for approx 10 seconds and said they were OK.

I was in a lot of pain. I couldn't move. It was extremely painful to walk due to the concussion my hip took when I hit the ground and my neck really hurt as well. All of which I relayed to the doctor. I had no peripheral vision. Doctors or nurses would approach the bed and when they spoke I would near jump out of my skin as I didn't see them there. (I was laying straight on my back sat slightly upright) my vision was so poorly I could not see my mobile phone to write a text. It was all blurry.

Not too long after my husband arrived I was told my hip x-ray was clear and I was being discharged. However they were organizing crutches. I told the man (nurse/orderly I'm unsure) that my hand was far too sore I couldn't possibly walk on them. I felt they pressured me into doing so and when I bore weight, for the brief moment I did, it was excruciating. So they gave me a wheelchair. I was given Panadeine Forte prescription and sent home.

After 4 days at home in agony I presented to my doctor and obtained an x-ray of my left wrist which showed a clear and easily visible fracture of the scaphoid.

I noted that on my discharge report it did not list any suggestion of concussion. Not one of my wounds was cleaned. I was in plaster for 6 weeks and I am now 10months later able to bear weight on it again. At times it aches and there is a pulsating feeling down my thumb. My knee scarred and I still suffer from neck pain.

The doctors on arrival saw my injuries, heard my story and expressions of pain and I feel because it was new years eve got rid of me. I didn't think it was busy. And I know this as I have been there before (looked after by Bronwyn in the ED, that lady is amazing)

It is very disconcerting when you are injured so severely (my helmet inside shattered) you don't know your name, can't see properly, are in extreme discomfort unable to walk and you are sent home with pain killers without effective treatment. I now have scars, ongoing associated pain in my wrist which I felt I was forced to bear weight on and a remaining haematoma in my right buttock. They never checked my back at all. I have a history of thrombocytosis which is on my file. Overall I am extremely unimpressed with the doctors there. If it was a busy day perhaps but it was the quietest I had seen the place. I hope they all had a happy new year. Mine was spent in agony on Panadeine Forte nursing an untreated bone fracture. The whole experience also had a psychological impact. Not fun at all.

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