Help with service selection

To find just the right stories on Care Opinion, you often have to find just the right service(s) first.

You can think of finding the right service(s) as a two stage process.

1: Find the right organisation or location

The way to start a search is just to start typing in the site search box. If you know the name of the organisation or location (such as a hospital or care home), there's a good chance you'll find it straight away.

If you are adding a service to an existing search, type the organisation or location name into the "add a search term" box.

2: Refine your search further if you need to

Once you have found roughly the service you want, you can refine it further.

For example, you may have added a hospital to your search, but you want to filter your search to just one or two services within the hospital.

To refine the service, click the "refine" link next to its name in your current search and select just the departments you're interested in.