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Your personal data


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When you use this web site to read or share stories, we don't collect any personal data from you.

Personal data we need if you share a story

If you decide to share a story or a service rating, we require two items of personal information:

  • your location: we use this to help get your story or rating to the right staff
  • your email address: we use this to communicate with you, and to deter abuse of this web site

We never share your location or email address with anyone.

Personal data we ask for, which is optional

When you share a story or a service rating, we also ask you to tell us more about yourself. You don't have to do this.

We ask you about

  • your gender
  • your year of birth
  • your ethnic origin
  • whether you have a long-term health problem or disability

We never share any of this information in a way which could identify you.

Why do we ask for additional information about you?

We are often asked about the mix of people who use this site. We are asked by care and support organisations, by health care staff, and by public users too.

How do we use the information you share with us?

As part of our service to care and support organisations, we provide reports of the stories being shared on this site. Some reports list the stories, and some reports summarise the number of stories being told, by time, place or kind of author.

We use the information you and other people share with us in the summary reports. For example, in a report about 100 stories shared on this site we might be able to say that:

  • 52% came from women, and 48% from men
  • 14% of the stories came from people over 80 years old
  • 29% of the stories came from someone with a long-term health problem or disability

(These figures are for example only.)

We don't add this information if there are 10 or fewer stories in the report.

By only sharing your information as a summary with other peoples' information, we make sure that we never share your information in a way which could identify you.