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"Heavy handed Nurse with toddler."

About: Redcliffe Hospital

(as a parent/guardian),

My toddler woke in the early morning hours around having an Asthma attack, was quite bad so we head to Redcliffe Hospital.  They assessed my child who had calmed down by this stage, but had a temp around thirty eight.  Was told to wait in waiting area, if I notice the temperture getting hotter to come back.   We waited about forty minutes until was put in a bed which wasn’t too bad as my child was pretty quiet and content to just lie on me

Once in the bed were told that the lights in this bed area are broken and can’t be turn down or off, so yes was quite bright and a little hard for my little one to try and rest and nurse was terrific was so caring and gentle with my child who didn’t mind her doing all the test.  The temp had stayed the same, was offered nurofen but didn’t want this which was quite usual as usually doesn’t mind taken nurofen, maybe because it was in a little pill cup instead of a syringe.  So finally settled and was resting, nurse came around did last lot of orbs before the doctor came.  My child was also diagnosed with Croup which has had before so the doctor said he will get nurse to give some steroid for my child to take.

Nurse arrive - well this is a new nurse by this stage - she came in, I did actually say to her, I am not sure how we will go as my child wouldn’t have nurophen earlier, she said we will get it there.  She asked me to help hold my child, she then basically force the syringe in their mouth with her other hand squeezing the cheeks together and the amount of force she used I was horrified.  My child was in hysterics and at this stage now choking I let go,

My child was gasping for air and started coughing, then spewed all over me.  I asked the nurse for a tissue which was on the bench behind me (I was sitting on the edge of the bed) the nurse just stood there waiting to go again.  My child continued to spew, cough and gag.  I then said could you pass me a spew bag which was on the wall in reaching distance to her she stood there my mum had get it.  I was saying to my child it's aright just breath.  I probably said this six times with nurse standing beside me, she then said to me, your child is breathing, you know.  But I can assure you they was gasping for air whilst still choking dripping with sweat from being so scared.

She said oh I’ll come back in ten minutes and try again.  Well I said to my mum I don’t want her to try again this is not going to work I will wait till I go home then were not in a strange uncomfortable environment as I know it did take a little bit last time at home to give the medication as it tastes horrible.

Mum went out to tell her that I don’t wish to have the medication here it’s not working and my child was not going to keep it down so, it’s just a waste.  Nurse was quite abrupt with responding and saying well she said she had continuous problems, mum said no she did not my grandchild takes medication at home with no problems, she then said abruptly again well I will have to ask the doctor what he reckons.   I knew the doctor wouldn’t have a problem with it.

Nurse returns to us with the medication and with an attitude like we have done something wrong and gave me the medication and says if your child doesn’t swallow it all you will have to go to your GP and get more.  I said I am sure I still have a script at home anyway. Nurse goes well they expire after a year.  I said it’s definitely not a year old…..I said to her I don’t usually have a problem, she responded to me and said a child at this age should have a choice to refuse what is given.  I was horrified by this comment as I never force my child to do things they doesn’t want to.  My child is usually happy to just do it and is a very happy calm child usually …….

So I went home extremely upset by this and was hoping it hadn’t put a bad memory in my child's head that the hospital is a bad place.

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