"I lost the ability to say words and was very confused so my GP sent me to hospital."

About: Fiona Stanley Hospital

(as the patient),

I was terrified as I was unable to communicate and was unable to even tell anyone which hospital I was in! I forgot the name of my job, my workplace and even my pets. I think the GP must have contacted the hospital as a whole team of Doctors and nurses where there to look after me and do a CAT scan as soon as I arrived. I was unable to understand instructions but everyone was very patient and efficient. I received a really good professional service from everyone who worked with me from Doctors and Nurses to Patient Care assistants. Even the workmen in the lift got out so I could go and get my MRI.

I was really happy with the care I received at Fiona Stanley hospital. It seems that my symptoms could have been due to having had a stroke. Within half an hour of arriving at the hospital the medical staff had completed a CAT scan and could see that this wasn't the case. They also did an MRI to double check I think. I was very glad to know that I was okay but also reassured to know that if it had been a stroke this team would probably have been able to save my life/ brain because they acted so quickly.

I was also visited by speech and occupation therapists and although I didn't need them I appreciated the service ( I suspect that they may have been checking on my ability to function!).

Anyway to summarise I think that one should state when the system gets it right and I think Fiona Stanley did this time. The doctors don't know what happened but I feel great again and am confident if anything happens again I will get the medical help I need.

On the downside I did feel sorry for the nurses as they were so busy and frazzled! This didn't impact on their service to me so their professionalism shone through. I also had to share a room with a man. I wasn't too worried as he was very old and ill and we had a curtain dividing the room but some of the patient assistants did tell me it was unusual.