"Thoracic issues"

About: Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital

(as a parent/guardian),

My young adult child has suffered a total of 4 collapsed lungs 3 - 3 of the 4 have occurred this year. Whilst in hospital my child was continually asked if they smoked &/ or took drugs of any kind. Although my child repeatedly told the staff that they did not partake in any of those activities, the staff still continued to ask, even at the point of being discharged. 

My child was sent for outpatient appointments & then sent for a CT Scan. The only thing it showed was that my child was still recovering from one of the collapses. Other than that the CT found nothing. And they seemed pretty happy to leave it at that, seemingly with the whole shrugging of the shoulders attitude. We were told, there is nothing specific we could find, we don't know why this is happening - nothing more to do.
I calmly but sternly said I wasn't accepting that. Told them how dangerous this was. That 4 collapsed lungs and no solution was not acceptable! 
Finally got a senior doctor in and a referral to see someone privately at St Andrews Hospital. It's still a long road ahead, I believe meaning operations, stapling of my child's lungs (as they may not have developed properly in utero 😥) and attaching the lung to the chest cavity. 
I'm happy with the outcome. However, disgusted at the process. Knowing my child, they would've walked away with no resolve & no action until the  next collapse! And I can only imagine many others also walking away accepting what was told to them without question. 
I also believe if the answer had been, no we didn't have health insurance nothing would've been done & no referral given. I believe my child was judged on their appearance. My child is a bit of a lark in the sense they have bright coloured hair. However my child is always quietly & softly spoken. Speaks with great respect for their elders, etc. I also believe if I hadn't been there, my child would have accepted what was said and left with no ongoing support, solution or resolve.