"Emergency service"

About: Coffs Harbour Health Campus

(as a parent/guardian),

I took my toddler to the emergency as I was told by the on call nurses. My toddler had 39.3 fever for over 12 hrs and their legs were shaking and they couldn't eat or drink. We waited for 4 1/2 hrs, but didn't get attended, so had to come back home as it was late night and bub was getting really uncomfortable and was shivering.

I went to ask the reception how much longer was it going to take. She said 5 more patients. They had been attending patients who came after us. I understand they might have more of an emergency situation, but at least expect a need to come and see the little one once as their temperature was going up and in 4 - 5 hour wait anything can happen to the baby. 

Really disappointed with the emergency service. It's not the first time this has happened.

Hope things change.