"Cancer diagnosis"

About: GPs in the Durack Electoral District

(as the patient),

In 2014 I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I had a lumpectomy, chemo and radiation.

There was a good chance it could come back. I needed an on going referral, however my doctor refused to write one, he said he might not be my doctor in 12 months time. I thought he must be planning to leave so went to the doctor in a neighboring town. He gave me an on going referral. In 2016 I found another lump in what was left of my breast. The doctor said it was from the radiation even though the hospital where I had radiation said that there had been no damage. Later in the year my chiropractor saw a lump in my neck and thinking it may be something wrong with an artery suggested I get an ultrasound on the area. When I bought it to my doctor's attention I was told it was a pulled muscle. Over a period of 12 months I bought both lumps to the doctor's attention however he said all was fine. In December 2016 I went to a woman doctor in another town I was sent to Perth for ultrasounds and diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer in the new year.

I think doctors should be told to listen to their female patients especially if they have previously been diagnosed with cancer and they think it's back again.