About: Royal Prince Alfred Hospital

(as the patient),

I recently called the CAT (Crisis Assessment and Treatment) team.

I felt that in no uncertain terms I was told; that my contact was dismissed, deactivated, disqualified, disabled or words to that effect.

I was further told that my name wasn’t on the board anymore, so why am I calling?

From someone who presented to ER via the back of an ambulance it’s not the words a suicidal patient needs to hear.

Whilst I think the CAT team do a great job and have been very kind to me, the gentleman I spoke to said, we don’t do welfare checks.

Perhaps it was the way I phrased it, but when a CAT team member visits or calls you every day for 5 days, I’m not sure the correct terminology that would be used for that.

Extremely disappointed in the Psych triage on that day and believe I should have been treated with more compassion particularly because every time they rang their last words were, if you need us, please call the number.

I did that, seemingly only to be growled at.