"My grandchild's visit to the Emergency Department"

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(as a parent/guardian),

First let me tell you about my beautiful and brave grandchild. They have had Leukemia for 12 months. During this time, like many other Leukemia patients, they has been in hospital at least every week. They have subject to regular chemotherapy, surgeries, lumbar punctures, numerous needles, prodded and poked by dozens of nurses and doctors. This has made them very anti-hospital nurse and doctor. But it has also made them a bit of an expert on what treatment to expect and what it involves. My grandchild has also gained a sixth sense when it comes to the doctors and nurses attempts to placate them or divert their attention when they are about to do something to their.

Recently my grandchild woke up vomiting and feeling very unwell. We phoned the Lady Cilento Leukemia Ward and they told us to bring them into the emergency department. Upon arrival, we were dealt with very quickly and sent through to the ward. All the nurses were wonderful, but the star was Dr Aza. As usual for my grandchild, they were on their guard waiting for someone to start prodding poking, so they could put up the barriers and start resisting and fighting against any treatment or taking medicine and generally making life tough for everyone involved.

However, Dr Aza is different (I mean in a good way). They almost instantly disarmed my grandchild's hostile demeanour and within a few minutes had my grandchild showing them what needed to be done. When Dr Aza speaks to the children, they really connect. When others try to cut in and talk over the child, he makes them wait. The child really feels they are the centre of attention. When trying to get my grandchild to eat Dr Aza took them to where the food is kept and got them to choose and eat something. He needed my grandchild to take a tablet which made my wife and I shiver with dread as they have never taken tablets before. It can be difficult, and my grandchild often kicks off when taking medicine. But no problem, they took the tablet first time and was happy to do so.

Dr Aza, thank you very much for your bedside manner when treating my grandchild, it has made a big difference to the way they view the hospital. My grandchild even spoke fondly about coming back to see you. My wife and I also enjoyed your humour. You made a sad, unenjoyable event almost enjoyable.

Many thanks to you and the emergency team.

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