"About one staff member."

About: Canberra Hospital / Maternity Services

(as the patient),

Hi, my wife was admitted at Canberra Hospital for our first baby. We were really happy about how the hospital was very and thankful to all your staff except one.

Once we had our baby we were shifted to a different level and  room. The team leader came to me and my parent when we were sitting outside near the tea room, when my wife was breastfeeding my baby and they said which room are you. I told her and she said, one of you have to leave now, only one visitor overnight. I said please let my parent stay, but she said no only one visitor overnight. I said my parent had come here to support us for our fist baby all the way from another country and they had only been in Australia for a few days now please let my parent stay. She again said, no. Then I went and dropped my parent home which is a 45 min drive.

My parent had been in hospital with us from the beginning and supported us and until then, no staff member had any problem and were very nice.

My problem is that I felt this staff member was rude when she spoke to us, she never introduced herself to us, I believe she was coming for coffee in the tea room, she saw us and told us to leave.  She put my wife and me under stress that night. My wife was crying after that and I could not sleep and we felt like we were discriminated. 

We then concentrated on looking after our baby, but we are not feeling good after how this staff member treated us .

Please ask this staff member to talk to people properly, no matter what race they belong to. We don't went her to treat anyone else like that.

Thanking you.