"Waiting for hours for my child to be seen."

About: Port Macquarie Base Hospital

(as a parent/guardian),

Recently I arrived at Port Macquarie base hospital one evening. I brought my child up as they had not kept fluids down for 24 hours. It was busy and I knew I would maybe have a one hour wait. Three hours went on and everyone that came in after us (even two young people that were laughing and playing around) got called before my child.

I asked if I could take my child home to do what I was doing there and their reply was that my child needed to see a doctor, so we continued to wait. After we were the only ones in the waiting room for 45 mins, I proceeded to ask if they could check my child's temperature, as my child was telling me they were getting hot.

After me having to ask for them to check my child, then that's when we were told to just go home. Three hours to get told to go home. In my opinion, this is disgusting and will be nursing my children at home until my child is better! 

I believe this is why people/children die. Because we are forced to wait! Now there were other children being taken in, looked at and were put out in 5 mins. Why was my child left for three hours just to get told to go home? I'm not happy!