"Townsville Hospital ED"

About: The Townsville Hospital / Emergency Department

(as the patient),

Great work does happen in the ED. The young nurse Jordan was like a breath of fresh air, respectful to all the ages of patients she had, using “Mam” and “Sir” as the frantic pace did not help to remember first names. Her voice was in control when she came to the bedside. She made you feel like she saw you and you were important for those few seconds as she checked you out.

Controlled even though the emergency alarm went off and reassuring us nicely after returning from some CPR in the adjacent bay. Hearing her give instructions to the casual pool nurse about taking extra BP's also reassured us that she was being on watch for our well being and she checked my name band more times in her one shift than the entire time I spent on the ward.  

She used the hand wash foam more times than any other worker in our bay and it seemed a habit rather than an extra thing to do and I did not have to ask her, have you washed your hands?

She made me feel cared about and cared for to a professional standard.