"My recent Mental Health Care experience"

About: Lyell McEwin Hospital / Emergency Department

(as the patient),

I presented at the Lyell McEwin Hospital recently due to major depression. I felt on the verge of suicide, so a family member suggested taking me to hospital. Lyell McEwin being the closest. It was quite a busy night in ED, but I was seen by a Mental Health Nurse in the early hours of the morning with the opinion of admitting me for further consultation with a Psychiatrist. In the afternoon I was again seen by another Mental Health Nurse who went through the exact same process, so I'm not sure where the notes from the previous nurse were. The nurse also was of the opinion I should be admitted, with further assessment and monitoring of new medication. I was given a bed that night in the ED. I was seen by a Psychiatrist the following day who also went through the same process and advised they were waiting on a bed on the Mental Health Ward. Only to return within approx 1 hour with a Mental Health Nurse to advise I was being discharged with a prescription of 6 antidepressants. I became very upset and agitated and began to self-harm. Staff called a code black for security. There was at least 6 staff standing merely watching. One said - don't do that, it would hurt. Another, I believe after being told by the Psychiatrist I was over reacting said - why wouldn't you want to go home. They asked me to give them the blade from a disposable razor otherwise I would be physically restrained. I gave them the blade only and continued to use the plastic prong to continue to self-harm. At no stage did staff come in even after showing my wounds to the Mental Health Nurse. I asked if they thought I was making it all up and was told by the Mental Health Nurse that I definitely had major issues. A family member was called to collect me. I received a call regarding seeing a Psychiatrist as a follow up, which I believe turned out to be simply to cover the hospitals #%&* to ensure they followed up and that I had hopefully not committed suicide. The Psychiatrist went through his regulatory speal, in my opinion knowing full well it was merely an attempt to band-aid the situation and saying the hospital didn't know what was happening when I left. Are you actually serious? Suggested to me to consider making a complaint and finished up with see your GP. Finally saw my GP, of whom received no ED admission report or any kind of report as a follow up. A hospital is a place for not just physically ill or injured. From my perspective this is the most abominable, disgraceful and demoralising experience I have ever had! !  

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