"Getting a blood clot under a leg cast and identified only by retired nurse"

About: Logan Hospital / Emergency department Princess Alexandra Hospital / Emergency Department

(as the patient),

I broke my fibula in my right leg. I was taken to Logan Hospital. Staff were kind and friendly. System very busy. I arrived at 10am

To wait to see doctor and half cast applied took 6 hours. I now know cast was far too heavy for my leg. Effect caused strain to my right leg groin. Weight made hopping on crutches painful. It gave also intense pain at back of leg to transfer from ankle to knee. I was told no painkillers needed to be taken after cast. I used Panadol rapid.

The pain then horrific continued for two weeks. I have a high threshold to pain.

Thinking back I now believe a clot formed within first couple of days under the cast. I never slept.

A couple of days later  Logan Hospital replaced to fibre cast. It looked good. Extremely painful and too narrow across foot.

It later seemed to effect bloodline along length of right edge of foot and caused further bruising at back of leg.

It increased support for ankle, but leg is consumed in intense pain. I spoke to two private doctors, and rang Logan and PA Hospital over pain. I was told it was to be expected.

I was told to take painkillers. At fibre cast setting application doctor did not  discuss pain just x-rayed fibula double break.

I requested to be transferred to PA Hospital as close to me.

The intensity of pain continues  and next excessive upper leg and toe swelling.

Under cast massive pain. More recently my upper leg was twice the size, toes double the size. I live alone. Neighbour a retiring nurse saw my leg. She said go to a hospital immediately.

I called an ambulance at 7pm an ambulance car arrived 7:45. I  was taken to PA Hospital. I was placed in a chair and placed in emergency. Leg x-rayed. Friend calls hospital. Told I not in emergency I am getting a leg x-rayed. The pain intense. 

A very busy night. A doctor reads  x-ray at 3am Saturday morning. I returned to emergency area.

That night I was placed in a temporary bed given painkillers and leg elevated.

A training emergency doctor looks at leg, then 3pm Saturday.

At 4pm Saturday superior doctor looks at leg.

Doctor noted excess pain not usual, but sees fibre cast as work of art - to say a pity to remove. Under plaster leg pain is very high, foot cramped.

Top of right leg double size of other. Toes blue, also double the size

Doctor asks me what I want done, my reply - I not doctor I patient  I reliant upon doctor assessment. 

I felt doctor reluctantly said to ultrasound. Time is 5pm Saturday, 21 hours on from admission.

Ultrasound shows a blood clot. New half cast fitted with room and effecting no pain.

I was put on blood thinners and painkiller. I notice leg under cast bruised by cast and blue blood bruise running along edge foot as I believe cast too tight.

I picked up and go home. I live alone. No social worker able to speak to me.

Staff were so busy files were displaced, including my own.

Huge delays doctors, appeared exhausted.  I grateful my neighbour identified blood clot as no one at the hospital did so, only the ultrasound.

Following this I told to see vascular doctor PA at 9am, I arrive 8:30. No appointment recorded, I taken to emergency. I told I now to see vascular doctor at 11 am I see at 12 and rushes off to an emergency.

I  have to wait for script written in 30 minutes.  At 1 pm I asked what has happened, to hear vascular doctor did not write up file notes or notify what to occur. This has to be tracked.

Emergency doctor at 3 pm receives doctors direction back. At 4 pm  I finally able to leave P A.  It seems the system is over stressed.

Waiting hours.  Doctors clearly very stressed. I am thankful, blood clot treated thanks to neighbour diagnosing clot. Telling me I must rush to a hospital.





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