"Unpleasant experience."

About: Newcastle Private Hospital

(as the patient),

I had a hysterectomy, bowel and bladder repair earlier this year. The specialist was really good, but then I was transferred to the ward. I had given them a full medical history that I had diabetes 2, depression, reflux and was allergic to capsicum and cucumber.   I believe none of this was considered.  All the meals were decorated with cucumber.  I was not given any of my medication for four days when I asked why I was not having them.  No dietician came to see me, no monitoring and the nurses didn’t seem to have a clue.  A pain patch was on my arm and I asked what it was and they didn’t know and took it off, them asked where it was. Because I did not have my reflux medication I was very ill. I felt the nurses couldn’t have cared less. 

The room was old and needed renovating and the plastic chair in the bathroom had a metal rusting leg on it.  In my opinion, the cleaning was awful.

I didn’t eat anything at the hospital at all for a whole week.  My husband and son brought food in for me.

One nurse arrived in the room to check on me at two o,clock in the morning and as the nurse was leaving they asked if I farted as the person next door was.  

Overall, in my opinion the hospital was disgusting.  I would have been better in a public hospital, but as I paid top cover went private.  Never again.  


Update posted by betahe98 (the patient)

I have contacted Healthscope but I feel they are like the big banks they just don't want to know about it, in fact, they wish I would go away.

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