"About nursing staff in emergency centre"

About: Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee Hospital - Old / Geriatric medicine

(as the patient),

I was taken to hospital by an ambulance, as I was shivering and I had temperature of 39. 7 and a heart rate of 140. My B.P. last time when the nurse checked was 83/54. After I had been waiting from 10 pm to 3 am and I hadn't seen a doctor. I was feeling so dizzy. There was no nursing call button to buzz for a nurse, as I was in waiting area. I slowly walked to nurse station and told the nurse I am feeling very dizzy and I might pass out. The nurse in reply told me go and sit down if you feeling dizzy. Don’t walk around. I slowly went back to my chair and I knew it that I will pass out. So I asked one of the paramedics who bring another patient in hospital to check my blood pressure. When he was about to check my blood pressures I passed out and fainted. I don’t know how long I was unconscious but when I wake up the paramedics man was asking me my name. He went to tell the nurse. The nurse came out, without helping me or doing my obs and make sure I was ok. She said to me don’t play up. If you're playing up because we haven't given you a bed. We will try to get one. She said get up and sit on the chair. Stop playing up. I thought how rude the nurse was to a patient who is very sick and no family support next to me. And not feeling how sick I was. She thought my faint episode was a playing up to get a bed in emergency department. In my opinion this nurse is most dangerous nurse I have ever seen in my life. I think she should really support a patient and look after patient, not abuse them or think they coming to emergency to play up. Unfortunately I didn’t asked her name. I hope this nurse doesn’t think all patients are there for playing up and at least help patient and look after them. Not speak to them in very rude way.