"Misdiagnosis and lack of follow up care"

About: The Victoria Clinic

(as the patient),

I was admitted as a voluntary patient in order to access the neuropsychologist and to start new anti-depressants. 

The facilities are nice despite an ant problem, the food was good most of the time and the majority of the nursing staff were lovely. Some of the groups were really useful as well.

However, overall I am disappointed in the care I received. I was not listened to by my psychiatrist who suggested inappropriate treatment and encouraged me to basically try harder to keep my house clean etc which lead to feeling worse after discharge. Because that's not how mental illness works.

The neuropsychologist also misdiagnosed me through her testing and suggested my difficulties in organisation and concentration were a result of a mood disorder, rather than the disorder I actually have. Some of her recommendations were valid though.

I received no follow up care following my discharge and attempted suicide shortly after, as a result of not being taken seriously and being misdiagnosed. 

I have since been reassessed and treated correctly by another practitioner.