"Change in clinical category to meet guidelines"

About: Redcliffe Hospital / Emergency Department

(as the patient),

I tore my patella tendon earlier this year and after having MRI scans and countless appointments with various departments, I was assigned a surgeon who understood this is a massive impact, as I can no longer perform day to day activities.

I was assigned a surgery date and when I came in for the appointment before my surgery I was told my surgeon had left the hospital and my new surgeon who I have still never met, I believe had decided it was not a necessary surgery and shoved me to the back of the list.

I called countless times and told them I had waited way more then 90 days and not been assigned a surgery date. I was told the new surgeon had assigned me as category 3 and a new date could not be given.

I did not give up there and told them this was unacceptable. I was eventually assigned a surgery date a few days later. The night before however I was called about 5pm and told they’d cancelled my surgery.

I have been assigned a new surgery date. However I have been told not to hold my breath as this would likely not go ahead.

In my opinion, this change has clearly happened as they could not assign me a date within the 90 day guideline. I cannot kneel down or move any faster then a walk. I cannot go down or upstairs without support and I’m living on painkillers.

I believe this is unacceptable to be honest. No communication and no one knows when I’ll actually be given a definite date.