"My stay in Logan Hospital."

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(as the patient),

Recently I presented to Logan Hospital with stomach pains and a letter for the doctors from my GP. I presented at around lunch time, but knew there would be a certain time to wait. What I did not expect was that I would have to wait and sleep in a corridor for over 24 hours being treated with my IV antibiotics before being transferred to a ward after I became extremely upset and in severe pain. Thank God for the three nurses in emergency at the time.

Once I was transferred to the ward I came in contact with a doctor who I felt had the worst bedside manner I have ever seen. On the fourth day I was booked in to have a lumbar puncture and had signed the consent; that never happened at all. Then on the fifth day I was going home, but only after I had a brain MRI. Late in the afternoon on the fifth day I was informed that no I won't be having that and no doctors were coming to see me and if I wanted to go home I could. I became extremely upset and said no I don't want to just leave; I want to do it the right way and no you don't do that. And besides I still needed oral antibiotics. The nurse said no I can go, and they will do this paperwork and it won't be in your file.

When I was almost in my car a nurse came running up to me and said we need your cannula. I said I don't have one. I said I also don't have my antibiotics and they said no, I know with a smile. After getting home I was told by another patient via messenger that a nurse on the floor asked if I got my antibiotics. I said no and then the nurse told me via the other patient / through messenger that I'd better see my doctor, because I needed them. My God, is this what health has come to? Also just before I left the hospital a dietitian came to see me and they were concerned because of how upset I was, but still proceeded to show me about my diet. What if I had already gone?

While I was in the corridor in the hospital, there were two violent patients presented and I had to be moved in a hurry to move from the violence. In my opinion, this is garbage and I am sure not normal for people to be subjected to this.