"Lack of and poor patient care"

About: Gosford Hospital

(as the patient),

I recently presented to Gosford Hospital Emergency Department after being sent by my GP. They were brilliant in the Emergency Department, but that is where it all ended. From emergency I was transferred to F4 where I was for a week. When I went in I told them I had had a migraine headache for 4 days already. When I left today I still had that same migraine headache after been given nothing more than panadol and nurofen for the pain. For anyone that has ever suffered from a migraine headache, u would know that panadol and nurofen are useless. I had asked repeatedly for more/stronger pain meds and to see a doctor. To no avail. My meds were never changed and I never saw a doctor from the neurology that was the primary team supposedly looking after me. I became very frustrated and in the last 24 hours of my stay refused all assistance from the nursing staff. I feel very let down, very abandoned and even neglected. I do not feel that I was given the care that I deserved and will now go back to my GP to get the help I need. I do understand that the health care system is very pushed/stretched in all ways, but I never thought that patient care would be let down so much.