"Over-prescribed Medication - I Nearly Died"

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(as the patient),

Recently I went to see a doctor at Bracaragh Psychiatry at the Joondalup Health Campus. The doctor prescribed me three different medications for a certain mental health disorder. I was taking all these tablets (five tablets) each morning and I weighed roughly 70kg.

Within weeks I started experiencing the side effects of these medications. I was unable to sleep, I begun to hallucinate, I could not eat, I was dizzy all the time, I had no energy, my skin turned yellow, I would lose balance and fall over repeatedly - injuring myself, I would grind my teeth during the day and when I did sleep, so much so that four teeth were broken and I now have temporomandibular joint dysfunction. I also began to feel incredibly irritable and depressed. All in all I lost 10kg and looked like a yellow skeleton not long ago.

I have since seen a different psychiatrist who has stated that this cocktail of medications is extreme, toxic and not evidence based. The new doctor also does not believe I fit the criteria for the disorder I had been diagnosed with. The new doctor contacted the doctor from Bracaragh Psychiatry, who sent a letter saying that I had a different personality disorder to the one I was originally diagnosed with. My new doctor also says that this is not a valid, widely accepted mental health condition. I feel I have been poisoned. I contacted the doctor and the practice demanding a response and the doctor told me to consult their medical indemnity insurer. They have since declined to compensate me for the harm the doctor has caused and the doctor will no longer return my emails.