"Great care for heart problems"

About: The Prince Charles Hospital

(as the patient),

I travelled to the Prince Charles Hospital in April, mainly to have a nice pork roast lunch at the Breeze Cafe, but as i got off the bus, and walked across the road, I was out of breath, and having chest pain, but only of a medium pain, same thing happened as I got to the foyer, asked about if there is somewhere to have my OB stat done (Blood Pressure), nowhere unless you have an appointment was the answer, so I found a comfy seat, rested for a short while, then headed to the cafe for my roast pork lunch, by the time I got to the doors, same thing, panting for my life and medium pains from the chest area, looked down the corridor, saw the Emergency sign, and yep, thought lunch could wait.

So I headed to the Adult Emergency area, asked about doing a blood pressure test, told them why, waited four hours (they were really busy). Then I got called in, done a EKG, and blood tests, waited for a doctor, did happen, more questions, more tests including more blood tests, including having a cannula inserted for these tests, then was finally ushered to the A&E section. There I was greeted by a lovely nurse, Brooke, who noticed that I am a transgender person, and asked me for my pronouns and name, which I gave her, had an x-ray and finally pointed my way to the Thoracic Ward, where to my delighted ears, i was being called by my preferred name, and my name was up on the board.

Great care by the Cardiologists and all nurses and staff from the social services through, not one bad comment can be said about this great hospital.

(I did get my roast pork lunch the following day from the cafe). 

Thank you all.