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I elected to be a self-funded patient because I wanted a particular surgeon to operate on me, and I would like to know three things:

1. Why wasn’t I located a private room, even though we received texts about my admission progress from Flinder's Private? Please don’t give the usual excuse of one not being available.
2. Instead I was in a general ward which had just started heavy duty building works inside the ward. I feel it is totally unacceptable for people who are recovering from major surgery not to mention the staff who had to work under these circumstances.
3. Also, I believe mixed wards are not a good idea and it is a very 20th century way of doing things. There is a major individual safety issue here and also doesn’t take into account religious and ethnicity issues.

1. In my opinion, we should have the opportunity of paying for a private room.
2. I believe it is unacceptable to have building works inside wards. They should be closed down to patients until the work has been completed.
3. Separate male and female wards.

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