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Recently, I went to Ipswich Emergency Department (ED) via ambulance with chest pains. After getting there and being left on a stretcher in the hallway I was told to go sit in the waiting room and wait to see a doctor.

I was waiting for about an hour in intense pain, until my sibling couldn't take it any longer and went up to the triage counter where they were rudely asked what the problem was from a staff member. My sibling proceeded to ask for help and was told to just wait. In my opinion, the staff member was very rude and very loudly spoken.

Everyone could hear this particular staff member saying other people's personal details and embarrassing stuff. There was no discretion whatsoever. In my opinion, they clearly hate their job and it showed.

My sibling then went up to the second window where another staff member was sitting and typing. The staff member asked what the problem was and just kept typing. My sibling was mad and scared for my safety and said that I needed medical attention immediately.

We were told to wait again and as my sibling was just starting to say that we came in with chest pain (which at this time was severe and I even took two of my own endone) and was told by the paramedic to go to the counter if my condition worsens.

This staff member kept looking at their screen then turned to talk to someone else until my sibling slapped their hand on the counter and demanded to be listened to with respect.

The staff member then jumped out of their chair and called security and told another person what happened. My sibling came and sat back with me, while security stood there staring at themthe whole time, which in my opinion was  ridiculous.

I was then called in not long after. A cannula was put in and I was given some heartburn syrup. At this point I asked for them to bring my sibling in, the staff member in the room's response was that they were being aggressive, and they couldn't do that in here if they were allowed in.

I said no and that they only did that because they were ignored and spoken to like an idiot. At this point my pain was decreasing and I was absolutely drained. I was then asked to go back to the waiting room and wait AGAIN.

I waited and waited for hours, I feel not one person in there looked worse than me but I continued to wait. My pain didn't return and after the fifth hour of waiting I gave up and went home. I asked my parent to remove the cannula from my arm.

I was absolutely disgusted in the way my sibling and I were treated. Days later, the pain came back and I was again rushed by ambulance to the hospital, thank God I was taken to St. Andrews because I was treated with respect and pain medications were administered immediately. 

Within the first hour of being there they found the problem. My Gall bladder is full of stones and is being removed tomorrow. No thanks to Ipswich hospital!

Something has to change because I have never been so embarrassed and humiliated in all my life. In my opinion, to just be given Mylanta and told heartburn can be painful, is not ok.

I feel the staff member on the first counter that night doesn't deserve that job.

In my opinion, this is absolutely disgusting!!

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