"Birthing experience"

About: Broome Health Campus / Maternity/Midwifery

(as the patient),

I recently gave birth at Broome hospital. I really loved the MGP program. My midwife, Jo was fantastic, as were all the other midwives I met either pre or post-birth.

I particularly liked that the midwives were able to do home visits. Also that Jo was called when I was in labour even though she wasn't working that night/morning. I felt so comforted when I saw her walk through the door as I had already formed a relationship with her and trusted that she knew what I wanted.

I also really appreciated my interaction with the obstetrician, Ruth. She made me feel like my birth plan was valued and that it was important to be on the same page about different things that might come up during the labour. She spoke to me in a gentle, respectful and understanding way. 

For me, being in the warm water of the bath was the most effective pain relief (I didn't use any other form of pain relief during labour/birth), although, in my opinion, it would be fantastic if there was a bigger free-standing bath designed for labour. Taking into consideration different positions women may want to get into during labour and some soft padding for their knees. It would be even more amazing if there was the option to birth in the water. Waterbirth options would make a huge difference for me in deciding to birth at Broome hospital again.