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(as a relative),

Sleepless nights, headaches I could go on, I need help. 

My story is, about 12 months ago I was informed by the Eye Clinic at Royal Perth Hospital (RPH) to have my yearly check, which I did. The Eye Specialist after lengthy session testing my eye informed me that my right eye had a large cataract and my left eye was quite good. They recommended that I go see a specialist at Spec-Savers at a particular location as their equipment was far superior than RPH’s. 

My spouse made the appointment to see the head Optometrist at Spec-Savers, I attended the appointment and explained what the eye clinic at RPH had said. After numerous tests, they told me the same as the RPH Eye Clinic. 

They told me they couldn’t supply me with glasses as they will be of no benefit and recommended that I go back to my GP, and have to seek a referral to an Eye Specialist which I did. 

I attended and saw the Dr there and they performed their own eye test. They told me not a problem, it was only a 20-minute appointment, they would do the right eye 1st and later the left. They said it needed cleaning up. Two weeks later I was admitted to Bentley Hospital, the right result was good. One month later I returned to Bentley hospital again, left eye result was not good. I had blurred vision and cannot read the paper, books or see tv.

I went back to my GP for the past 6 months complaining about my left eye that it had blurred vision and this used to be my best eye.

All they had done is prescribe eye drops to the eye 3 to 4 times a day, I have continually told the Dr, again and again, the eye drops were no good. They then told me I may have had a small stoke which was news to me. 

About eight weeks ago the Dr rang and suggested I have a head Xray at Sir Charles Gardener hospital, 2 days later the specialist rang up and said don’t bother they had read the Dr's notes and there was no connection and to inform the Dr of this. 

After all this, the Dr sent me for a Cat Scan on my head. I went to the Cat Scan and it was the same result. Everything was fine 100% and they wrote to the Dr informing them of the results and have not heard from the Dr since. 

So what I have done is rang the Spec-Savers I went to, to see the same head Optometrist that I had seen first up, they agreed. 

They then put me through several more test. Their final conclusion was that the right eye vision was good but the left eye which had previously been my good eye now had damaged nerves and the specialist sent the report to the Dr. Still no response from the Dr. 

I don’t know if you can help me but maybe telling my story will help others. 

 Yours Sincerely 

A very disappointed pensioner.

P.S This is a little note to let you know that about three weeks ago I received a phone call from the Dr who was the most apologetic person I have ever heard. They never stopped saying sorry throughout the phone call, lasted about half an hour. They offered to pay all my expenses for the help I needed, they offered to obtain a driver’s licence which I lost during this mess. I replied no that at my age if I drove in my condition and injured or killed someone I would never forgive myself. At the end of the call, they said sorry again. 

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