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"Antenatal doctors"

About: Liverpool Hospital

(as the patient),

I was attending another hospital until I did an ultrasound. They found out my unborn child has got fluid on their brain that's causing problems. I then got told I had to see the fetal unit to do a test and get transferred over to Liverpool antenatal clinic.

First time I met with the doctor, I felt they were very rude towards me and didn't believe a word I was saying and said you're only here because you had a C section. I believe they didn't want to look at my file that was in front of them. I told the doctor no that isn't the case. They then walk out and ring the other hospital to speak with them, then comes back in and says so your baby has got a problem, can't help you. There were no apologies from the doctor for the way they acted, they then tell me to do a urine sample and said they were sending me for blood work. I asked them why and all they said was well you need it and want it done.

I told the doctor that 2 weeks prior to coming here I had everything done at the other hospital and everything came back clear, it should be all on the computer. I believe the doctor basically said I don't care, I'm sending you and come back in 10 minutes and have everything done. Went back only to find out that I believe this doctor passed me on to another doctor who called me into their room said I've got an infection and need to take tablets. I asked this second what kind of an infection and felt they wouldn't tell me, yet gave me a script.

I wasn't happy with all this mucking around I've received and told them, then this second doctor tested the blood pressure. It was on borderline and tells my partner I had to come back every half an hour to monitor my blood pressure. This doctor then gets on a phone starts talking about another patient and operation while we were still in the room. A staff member in purple comes and asks me to go into a different room and starts to hook me up to a machine to monitor the baby and blood test because I believe the first dr I saw thinks I've got preeclampsia.

I was so confused and p***** off as nothing was said about preeclampsia to begin with. I asked to see the second doctor who was in place of the first doctor but they weren't around and apparently went out of the ward. 

I believe everything was all good no problems with the baby or blood pressure. I got out of the room, I wanted to speak with someone. I ended up speaking to the head midwife and told them what happened; been here since mid-morning and it's 4 hours later and would like to see another doctor in 2 weeks as I'm not happy with how this all played out. I got promised another doctor will see me and that I won't have any more problems.

Recently, I went back to the clinic who calls me the first doctor I had seen previously. I asked for another dr to see, got told no sorry only this particular doctor is only available for you. I'm not happy as I believe 10 other doctors were working that day. I walked into the room with my partner. The doctor sits down and said to me that the infection I had is a urine infection and I'd better take the tablets. They then look at the computer and says no infection is listed but it's better to take the tablets. My partner asked why do I need to take them if I don't require them.

I believe I got no answer from the doctor who I recall saying to me we don't support you having a normal birth you will die and bleed out so you're having a C Section. I again asked the doctor why on earth would they say that and I was quite upset about it. I asked please can I see someone else now or I'm leaving.

The doctor walks out, speaks with their boss I believe, and calls us out. I got told two options; it's either I stick with this doctor or find somewhere else. I said I'm not putting up with this crap from who I feel is an idiot doctor who treats patients like s***. Would rather go back to my old Hospital and left.

After the treatment I received, will never go back to Liverpool Hospital or if my child has to be transferred to a special care unit I'll be making sure it's not Liverpool.

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