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Moderation at Care Opinion


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In brief

Care Opinion Australia has a moderation policy that governs how, when and what we will publish on the Care Opinion Australia website.

This policy is in place to ensure that every story is constructive, timely, meets our moderation policy and all parties involved in the experience of care are safe in the storytelling and publication process.

It is very important to us to maintain the authenticity of stories, and this is kept front of mind while moderating your story.

Care Opinion's Moderation Policy comprises the following processes and procedures:

Learn more about moderation and storytelling:


Role of online feedback

The Care Opinion platform is not designed to be a review site, but a place where consumers and their carers, loved ones and advocates can have brief online conversations about personal experiences of care with the organisation that provided it.

These stories are helping:

  • staff to see an experience through the eyes of their consumers, learning what has been done well, where there is room for improvement and what person-centred care looked like for that consumer.
  • consumers to feel heard and know that their voice and experience of care matters and can make a difference.
  • community members understand how their local service providers deliver care, interact with their consumers and respond to feedback.
  • regulatory agencies, Members of Parliament and Commissioners understand the need for, and delivery of care services in their relevant jurisdictions.


Why we have a moderation policy?

The highest priority for the Care Opinion team is ensuring that everyone involved in the experience of care remains safe in their communities, workplaces and in the online space. This is because the feedback shared on the Care Opinion platform is published and made publicly available on this website.

Safety means de-identifying storytellers to help protect their anonymity in the public domain, and with their service provider(s). See the research on why people find it easier to share honest feedback when they are anonymous.

It also means de-identifying staff members when a story is critical. This is important because:

  • a service facility is a workplace for staff, and they need to feel comfortable going into work each day and living in their communities.
  • for service providers to be comfortable engaging feedback publicly and transparently, they need to know their staff will remain safe and that conversations conducted on Care Opinion will be respectful.
  • consumers can share feedback without defamation of character risks.

Other aspects of moderation mean ensuring stories are constructive and editing statements of fact in recognition that a person's perspective is subjective. For example:

  • if a sentence reads "the nurse was deliberately ignoring me, it would be edited to read "in my opinion the nurse was deliberately ignoring me".
  • a story or response that is not considered to be constructive refers to a combination of elements such as swearing, name calling, unflattering physical descriptions of staff, and a language and tone that could reasonably be perceived as being argumentative.