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How we moderate responses


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Responding on Care Opinion can take a little practice. There are links in the responding area to advice which will help you to respond well.

When you begin responding as a staff member on Care Opinion, your responses will be read by one of the moderators before publication. As you gain experience in responding, you may find that many of your responses can be approved for publication without needing to be read by a moderator.

We call this “fast-track response approval”. When you are entering your response, you’ll be able to see whether we expect to moderate it, or whether we will publish it immediately.

In either case, you’ll have a short time (30 minutes) to edit or delete your response before we process it.

Note that responses from story authors (not staff) are always moderated by our team.

How does the platform decide if my response can be fast-tracked?

The Care Opinion platform looks at three different aspects of your response to decide if it can fast-track it.

Story criticality: responses to more critical stories are more likely to be moderated

Recent responding experience: you’ll need to have at least 10 published responses before the platform will consider fast-tracking. The platform will take into account whether your recent responses have been heavily edited, or rejected, and use this to calculate a "recent experience score".

Making a change: if you mark a response as planning or making a change, a moderator will read it to ensure you’ve explained what the change is.

If you are not making a change claim, then the platform will check your experience score to see whether it meets the requirement for the criticality of the story you are responding to. If it does, your response will be fast-tracked.

Why does Care Opinion fast-track responses?

We introduced fast-track approval so that straightforward responses from experienced responders can be published quickly, even out of hours.

Because also frees up moderator time, our moderators can give more attention to less experienced responders, and to responses to more critical stories. We hope this will help everyone.