Searching for and viewing stories and responses

Viewing and searching for stories within the scope of your subscription is a fundamental task on Care Opinion.

A good place to start is your subscription stories page. Here's how this page looks in the NHS Lanarkshire subscription:

Your stories page

When you view this page in your own subscription, you'll most likely see four tabs, as follows:

All stories: this tab shows all the stories within the scope of your subscription, along with the story progress, the criticality score and the number of reads by public users

Unread: stories within your subscription which haven't yet been read by any of your subscription members

Without response: stories within your subscription which don't yet have any response from a member of your subscription

Change promised: stories for which someone in your subscription has promised a "change planned", but which doesn't yet have a "change made"

Note that on any of these tabs, you can filter down to just the stories you need by selecting "search within your stories" just above the tabs.

This will allow you to enter a search term. You can also just click open the search area and select the search button to go to the search page and develop a search from there.


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