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You have been invited to tell your story about your 2-week experience staying in quarantine in a Victorian Hotel to help stop the spread of COVID-19 on Care Opinion Australia.


Care Opinion is an independent site where anyone can share their stories about their experience of care. The site covers health and aged care, and community services in Australia, giving service users, their families and carers the opportunity to publish their personal experiences, good or bad, of the care system.

Telling your story allows the appropriate governing bodies to learn from your experience, identify what they are doing well and how they can improve.


As this health pandemic has caused great unrest in the broader community, particularly by those more vulnerable to this virus, your story will be published on the Care Opinion site in restricted mode.

This means that those with the ability to use your story to make a difference to the services offered to future passengers (Population Health) and its Public Interest Body (the Department of Health) will read about your story.

Care Opinion staff will moderate your story to:

  • ensure you remain anonymous (e.g. removing references to names, genders, specific ages etc.)

  • to make sure it is constructive (e.g. by removing any absence or offensive language).

If Population Health responds to your story, Care Opinion will email their response directly to you so please take care to enter your email address into the Care Opinion system correctly when submitting your story.


Take a moment to think about your recent experience of care with Example Service.

• How did it feel?
• What was good and why?
• What could be improved and why?

When sharing your story, please:

  • Identify yourself as a service user
  • Take care to enter your email address correctly so we ask you questions about your story if needed, notify you when your story is published and if you receive a response
  • Let us know your age bracket and postcode.

Please note:

*Care Opinion will not share your email address with any external parties without first seeking your consent.

*Care Opinion will never share your age bracket or postcode with any external parties.