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Tag multiple stories


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Sometimes you might want to tag a large set of stories in one go.

For example:

  • tag all the stories you have currently bookmarked
  • tag all the stories in a specific search

You can do this by searching for the stories to be tagged, and then using the "bulk tagging" feature.

How to tag multiple stories at once

First, make sure you are logged into your subscription. Tags are added within a subscription context, so if you have more than one subscription, make sure you are in the right one.

Then create a search for the stories you want to tag. Make sure your search doesn't accidentally include stories you don't want to tag.

Next, select "Add tags" in the search options. This will open the tab for bulk tagging the stories in your search:

Adding tags using the search page

In this tab you can enter the tag name you want to add to the selected stories. You can also set whether the tag should be public (everyone can see), shared (you and colleagues can see) or private (only you can see).

Usually, you will add tags with neutral polarity. But sometimes you may want positive (this was good) or negative (this could be improved).

Once you have set your preferences, select "Preview" to see how many stories will be affected:

Preview the taggingIf everything looks correct, select "Continue" to start the tagging. It may take a few minutes.

Adding a tag to a large number of stories

When you select "Preview" we check how many stories need to be tagged. If it is more than 200, you will see this message:

To avoid making Care Opinion slow for other users, only 200 tags can be added in one batch. To complete the task, keep the page open and tag a further batch once the first is completed.

Or you can always return later to add further batches of tags. Care Opinion will keep track of the number of remaining untagged stories, so it is fine to leave and return to the task if necessary.