Help with alerting

As a member of a subscription, you can ensure you receive an email whenever Care Opinion publishes a story which is relevant to you.

Our email alerting system is very flexible and very easy to use. Here's how it works:

  • You can choose to be alerted about all stories within your subscription, just selected stories, or no stories at all.
  • The emails you receive from us depend on the email alerts you have saved. You can see these on your profile page.
  • If you have no email alerts saved, we don't send you any emails.
  • You can create as many email alerts as you like, to say what kinds of stories you want to know about. However many alerts you create, we won't send you more than one email per story.
  • When we publish a story or response, we check all the email alerts and send an email to each person who wanted to hear about that kind of story or response.

How to see any email alerts you already have

  1. Log into Care Opinion
  2. Click on your name to go to your profile page. (Ensure you are in "subscriber view".)
  3. If you have alerts, you will see them listed under "My saved alerts".
  4. To find out what kinds of story the alert will email you about, click the name of the alert. This will show the search page with the alert filters listed on the left.
  5. If no filters are listed, then the alert will notify you of all stories we publish in your subscription.

How to create an alert

  1. Log into Care Opinion
  2. Click on Search to go to the search page. (Ensure you are in "subscriber view".)
  3. Design your alert by adding filters to the current search. For example:
    • add tags to the search to receive emails only when we publish stories with those tags
    • add population areas to the search to receive emails only when we publish stories from those areas
  4. You may need help with searching if you are unfamiliar with our search system.
  5. If you want your alert to cover all stories in your subscription, don't add any filters at all.
  6. When you are happy that the search reflects the kinds of story you wanted to be alerted about, click "Save my search as...", below the additional search options.
  7. In the "Save my search" area, select the Alert tab.
  8. Enter a name for your alert - for example "Alert for stories about heart conditions"
  9. Click Save to save your alert. Your alert will be listed on your profile page.

How to remove an alert

  1. Log in, ensure you are in "subscriber view", and go to your profile page.
  2. Your alerts are listed under "My saved alerts".
  3. To remove the alert, click the remove icon to the right of the alert name.