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Bupa Woodend

(as a friend),


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About: Bupa Woodend

This is about my friend who has been put in at Woodend Bupa. I feel it’s all pretend care and they prey on ignorant families who do not appear to care enough about family members they have dumped there. My friend was moved into a high care Dementia ward as she is frail, but not suffering from Dementia. My friend who lost her husband a year ago has been put on as antidepressant so she is not emotional (after all you can not grieve the loss of your husband and the fact your children do not care or visit frequently). She is sedated now on a regular basis as she gets agitated and when I questioned why she was agitated they went through what I felt was an animal check list... she has been fed so can’t be hunger, she has gone to toilet so can’t be that, but they did not ask her.  

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