"Customer Service"

About: Gold Coast University Hospital

(as a staff member),

I called in regards to one appointment to the neurosurgery clinic. I wanted to ask some information about one specific appointment and to provide some as well. I understand that staff are busy and stressed sometimes. The first time I called it was not a positive experience and I thought she might be having a bad day. But, the second time I felt the staff member was again really rude. She did not let me finish what I was trying to explain.

I believe that a person that is calling to a hospital is going through a lot of things already with a family member in hospital, trying to organise time for appointments and other things. The last thing that you want is to face someone that is rude and making your day even worst.

I do not want to make a big problem out of this, but a little bit of respect to people applies both ways, from families to staff and staff to families. This wasn’t my situation at all. I am really honest and I was polite trying to initiate a nice conversation, but in a minute this person just made me feel really bad.