"Radiation treatment - my reaction"

About: Princess Alexandra Hospital

(as the patient),

I had radiation treatment for a small tumour in the brain recently. All went okay during the procedure apart from the excruciating pain of the frame. All I would need is 1 week off work. No more for sure, so they say.

How wrong can they be?! If I am the worst case scenario then I should have been told what possible side effects there are. Instead, I felt they painted a rosy picture. I ended up in hospital after vomiting for 30 hours, told to go to the local hospital who would not give me steroids by iv and kept vomiting. I ended back home still vomiting, as they needed the bed apparently.

I feel as though once you leave the PA they don't care. What about the duty of care? I have not had one follow up call since one day afterwards. I was not given scripts for anti-nausea, or what to do if I kept vomiting, with my head pounding.

Instead, my son (who is visually impaired) is running around trying to get scripts for me and luckily my GP was great. Now the reaction is still quite severe, and I don't even know if I can return to work.

Very disappointed with the hospital. I know everyone reacts differently but how can people plan and make adjustments if they have no idea what may happen and what to do. Once again I feel let down by the medical profession.