About Care Opinion

What is Care Opinion?

Care Opinion is an independent site where anyone can share their stories about their experience of care. The site covers care and support services (as well as health services) in Australia, giving service users, their families and carers the opportunity to publish their personal experiences, good or bad, of the care system.

Care Opinion Australia was launched 12 March 2014.

See how Care Opinion impacts on healthcare services with our brochure and video here.

Care Opinion is a place where you can:

  • Share your stories about care and support services you have used
  • See what others are saying about services
  • See how services respond and whether they make an improvement

Care Opinion is part of Patient Opinion which covers health services. So you will find plenty of stories about your local health service on Care Opinion. It doesn’t matter whether your story is about care and support or health services - just share what happened to you and we will do our best to make sure the right people in both health and care support get to read it.

Here are some ways that you could use Care Opinion:

  • Share what you think of your relative’s care home
  • Say how you use your National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)
  • See what other people are saying about their care home
  • Find out which care and support services have made improvements because of feedback
  • See which organisations locally have read your story

And here is how someone running a care home or a home care agency could use it:

  • See what people are saying about the service
  • Show how you respond to comments about your services
  • Use Care Opinion to get a better deal for your residents or users by sharing stories – for example, how they are often discharged from hospital late at night or with no medication

Care Opinion, like Patient Opinion, is a not-for-profit charitable organisation run for the benefit of users, carers, staff and the public.

Why use Care Opinion?

  • Care Opinion gives you a public voice to share your experience about the services you use.
  • Care Opinion will always try to make sure that the right people will hear your story.
  • Sharing your stories about health and care services on Care Opinion can help make services better.
  • Care Opinion is safe, confidential and independent of services and authorities.
  • Reading the stories that other people share on Care Opinion may help you choose the best care providers.
  • Care Opinion works across health services, as well as care and support. Whether your story is about care or health or both, we publish it and deliver it to the right people locally, whether they work in care or health.